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5 professions that will grow in 2024

There are less than two months left until the end of the year, and we are already seeing people organizing themselves with their wishes for 2024 – with employment high on the list of many young people. According to the Subsecretariat of Statistics and Labor Studies, an agency attached to the Ministry of Labor and Employment, in 2023, 55% of youth aged 14 to 24 in Brazil will be unemployed, a total of 9.4 million people.

The situation becomes worse when we analyze gender and racial disparities. Of the youth out of the job market, 52% are women, highlighting the difficulties women face in accessing vacancies. Furthermore, 66% unemployed youth identify as black and brown, highlighting persistent racial disparities in the country.

“For youth looking for work, it is essential to acquire relevant skills, stay updated with industry trends and avail training programmes. Furthermore, society, as a whole, should strive to reduce gender and racial disparities, in order to provide fair and equitable opportunities for all young people who intend to enter the job market and develop professionally ”, says Jefferson Vendramato, Director of Institutional Relations. SEBRAC (Brazilian Course Centre).

Trending professions in 2024

Given this scenario, youth need to look for ways to start their professional journey with advantage. To achieve this, it is important to consider the acquisition of relevant skills career Increasing. Therefore, Jefferson Vendramato lists five sectors that are projected to accelerate in 2024:

1. Sales

With the ability to meet the needs of consumers and businesses, sales professionals are essential to the economy. The end of the year is a great opportunity to explore this area of ​​temporary opportunities.

According to data from the Brazilian Temporary Work Association (Assertem), temporary appointments will register a 5% increase in the last quarter of the year compared to the same period in 2022.

2. Pharmacy

According to data from the Federal Council of Pharmacies (CFF), health-related careers are constantly growing, and the profession plays a vital role in providing services to the population, primarily because the number of pharmacies has increased by 63% in 20 years. Vocational courses are a good option to enter this field, providing a broad view of the profession.

The administration sector is quite versatile for employment (Image: Fizcase | Shutterstock)

3. Administration

Careers in administration are versatile and can be applied in a variety of fields. Learning to manage resources, teams and processes is valuable. To get started in the field, it is possible to carry out Duration Administrative Assistant and find out if you have an affinity for this profession.

4. E-commerce and logistics

With the increase in online shopping, there is a need for professionals with expertise in e-commerce and logistics to ensure fast and efficient delivery.

5. Information Technology (IT)

Technology is a driving force in the modern economy. in career Yousuch as the development of softwareCyber ​​security, data analytics and artificial intelligence are in high demand.

Jefferson Vendramato says the job market is dynamic, and career demands can change rapidly. “It is important to choose a career that matches your skills, interests and values. Moreover, continuous learning is essential to remain relevant in any field”, he concluded.

by Raffaella Eufrosino

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