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6 essential lessons to become a successful entrepreneur

Bankruptcy and judicial recovery filings accelerated in early 2023. To give you an idea, according to Serasa Experian, in January alone, 72 companies had already filed for bankruptcy, which represents an 80% increase compared to two years ago.

Apart from the high numbers, what attracts attention is the size of some of the companies in this position. On the list for judicial recovery are such names as: Marisa, Oi, American and most recently Southrock Capital, operator of Starbucks and Subway brand restaurants in Brazil.

happiness beyond wealth

The suffering of Brazilian businessmen is not limited to the financial sector, as the factors that previously drove employee retention in companies, such as salaries and benefits, no longer have the same impact.

Hugo Godinho, CEO of Dialog, for HR Tech Leaders internal communication And engagement in Brazil, time has shown that physical, emotional, social and professional well-being play a major role for employees, as well as security and stability.

“I believe the debate about business changes for the next year needs to be even broader. It is essential to provide space for alignment of values ​​between employees, organizations and leaders”, he commented.

Importance of adapting to market changes

For Angelica Rebelo, project manager and business strategist, amid this dynamism there is high demand from companies that will need to adapt to changes in the market and consumption over the next year. “In the constantly evolving landscape of modern business, the ability to execute strategies effectively is not just a competitive advantage, it is a necessity”, he understands.

As the market faces constant change, companies are challenged to find an approach that not only strengthens the skills and resilience of entrepreneurs, but also inspires the creation of a more harmonious and effective work environment, one that Able to thrive in a dynamic and constantly evolving business landscape.

So, check out some lessons that will definitely change your business outlook!

1. Create good communication in the company

a good one awakened communication Engagement And, when employees feel happy and satisfied at work, they also become more productive. All this has a big impact on financial results.

“Therefore, internal communications need to be built on a channel that truly connects with people. And this connection really needs to be end to end: from the operational public to the presidency”, says Hugo Godinho.

2. Planning is essential

lack of Plan The main factor contributing to high occupational mortality rates is. “We must always remember that having a structured plan when opening a business is a necessity, not an option,” advises Angelica Rebelo.

3. Prioritize purpose

Purpose has gained more and more space and importance in the employee experience. Hugo Godinho says, “This means that, to be understood, a company’s internal communications must be aligned with its purpose – connecting to the cause that makes people feel part of the whole.”

Thoughtful decisions, strategic support and networking are fundamental to business success (Image: Jacob Lund | Shutterstock)

4. Be practical and strategic

Avoiding impulsive and emotional decisions, being observant, getting support and guidance from the beginning are the keys to success. “As well as networking with other business people in your area. Take on the role of salesman and influencer for your own business”, believes the project manager.

5. Integration

An essential part of a company is to maintain the allies Integrated and linked to organizational culture. In increasingly hybrid or remote times, events can stimulate this connection, which already occurs virtually.

“Team integration should be part of the internal events agenda. For example, how to implement? team building To strengthen trust among employees or to share results and news by interacting with the CEO?”, suggests Hugo Godinho.

6. Learn from mistakes

Finally, Angelica Rebelo highlighted the importance of being attentive to the lessons in real time. “It is essential to compile the mistakes and challenges encountered during the entrepreneurial journey and learn from them. Paying attention to lessons in real time helps you make more informed decisions in the future,” he says.

by Isabel Rocha

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