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A small metal battery is placed at a range of 60 miles. 13 October 2023 New

Construction for the production of lemon juice started in Armavir.

– The enterprise plans to produce 88 thousand tons of citric acid in the year D. Read this article to weigh the products on external markets, – informs the Ministry of Food Industry of the Russian Federation.

Don’t worry about producing starch products, biopolymers, etc. Other products of deep processing of grains.

They are ripe, and the main ones are कुकरुजा, which will be planted in Kuban gardens.

60 million rubles per unit.

Recall, the agreement on the construction of the plant in Armavir was concluded in ПМЭФ-2 023. According to the project, produced kopeck drop year. Each nominal capacity is 1200 tonnes per day. The plant will be full cycle – from acceptance and storage of raw materials to packaging and recycling. It is very good.

As part of the first phase, they plan to establish the production of citric acid. Construction of second and third – will allow to increase power.

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