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Air conditioning could be the ‘star’ of Black Friday

High temperatures could turn the air conditioning unit into the “star” of Black Friday 2023, which will take place on Friday, November 24.

The product and its similar products, such as fans, air conditioners and humidifiers, are expected to dominate customer purchasing preferences on the date of traditional retail offers.

According to data from Mosaico, the platform that controls price comparison sites Zoom and Busscape, demand for the device has already increased by 23.48% and the price in the week ending November 11 has increased by 6.15% compared to the previous week. And there are expectations that it will increase further by the 18th.

With the search for the object overtaking the champion cell phone in search engines on Monday (13), a day when temperatures broke records across the country, Mauricio Casco, executive director of Mosaico, says it is a sign that thermal comfort That should dictate the tone of buying in 2023, as it has in previous years, but with a different intensity.

Consumer interest drives prices upward. “Retail works based on supply and demand, so you see a confluence of factors,” he says, remembering that the more people show interest in a product, the more expensive it becomes.
Consumer preference for air conditioning has still not moved beyond the figures for the week of September 24, when the country was hit by extreme heat for the first time. During that time, searches increased by 101% compared to the previous seven days and the price increased by 7.42%.

However, the average price is higher in November than in September, and reaches R$2,228. In September, it was R$2,086. However, the minimum price is R$1,485 and the maximum is R$4,932.

However, Kasko believes that prices should drop on Black Friday with good retail offers, as companies invest heavily in the five best days of the month, Thursday, the traditional Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, also known as Cyber ​​Preview. Monday is called and considered as “Zepa” of the date.

“There will be good offers with more competitive prices. There is increased demand and retailers will invest. Five days is equivalent to a whole month.”

The executive says less educated consumers may pay more, but those who are prepared can get good deals. The main tip is to choose the model you want to buy, monitor the prices, activate the notification when the search engine finds the lowest price on the Internet and close the purchase, otherwise, you may lose the offer.

Toribio Rolán, president of the national department of commerce and distribution at ABrava (Brazilian Association of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating), says that, when choosing an air conditioner, the consumer must take into account certain factors, but the main one is the energy efficiency seal. .

The ProCell seal indicates to the consumer products that have the best levels of energy efficiency, resulting in lower electricity bills. Apart from this, you also need to know the size of the room and the number of people living there.
The technology of the object should be inverter, which helps in saving energy. According to him, earlier inverter devices were 50 percent more expensive than other devices, but today this difference has come down to 20 percent. To install, you must hire a professional.

Regarding the rising prices of air conditioning units, he says that these should continue for a few months, precisely because of the climate emergency, which has worsened the drought situation in the Amazon. “With the intense heat and logistics issues, it’s the perfect storm to put pressure on prices.”

The best time to buy is winter, which is short this year, says Rolan. The price always increases in summer. For them, high temperatures should continue till April.

The search for fans and humidifiers increases even more

Data from Mosaico shows that searches for fans, air conditioners and humidifiers are higher than for air conditioning. For experts, the reason is a more competitive price, as they are cheaper items, but with different functions.

The humidifier was the one that went up the most. Demand increased by 132.18% in the week ending November 11 compared to the previous seven days. The price increased by 11%. In the case of fans, the increase in searches for the item was 44.75%, but the average value dropped to 7.83%. Searches for air conditioners increased by 34.41%, prices increased by 19.38%.

Fans retail for an average of R$200, with a minimum price of R$84 and a maximum of R$485 depending on the model. The price of the air conditioner is R$727, with a minimum price of R$342 and a maximum price of R$1,896. The average price of a humidifier is R$131, with a minimum of R$46 and a maximum of R$263.
However, the function of the products varies. In the case of air conditioning, Rolan explains, what it does is not freeze the air, but rather remove heat molecules from the atmosphere, which leads to a more pleasant thermal sensation, but it can dry out the environment.

See the differences and how to choose an air conditioning model

Fans and air circulators ventilate the specific space where they are installed. Air conditioners create some coolness and humidifiers ensure moisture in the air, especially in this dry season. Perhaps that is why their prices and demand have increased so much.

(Cristian Gersina/Folhapress)

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