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American has once again postponed its balance sheet filing scheduled for this Monday

Americanas once again postponed the publication of the 2022 balance sheet, which was scheduled for this Monday, the 13th. The company says it will publish results by next Thursday, the 16th, on which date it should also hold a conference call with the markets, at a time when an announcement has yet to be made.

The retail chain says balance sheets for 2021 and 2022 are ready, but the approval process at internal governance bodies was not completed at the time of publishing this Monday. Apart from the 2022 results, the company will also have to republish its 2021 results due to the accounting fraud that led it to face judicial recovery.

In a relevant statement the company says, “Americanus was the victim of a sophisticated and very well-designed fraud, which made the compilation and analysis of its historical financial statements (“DF”) an extremely challenging and complex task. “

According to the retail chain, the data will remain public “until November 16, 2023”, before the market opens. On the same day, the company, during a conference call, will provide an update on the development of the judicial recovery plan, and present the strategic plan that is being implemented and which will guide its actions in the future.

The disclosure of Americanas’ balance sheet is important for the company and creditors to finalize an agreement on a judicial recovery plan. Approval of the plan was delayed by a few months due to previous publication.

Creditors, especially banks, consider it necessary to have access to the company’s audited financial information in order to approve or not the proposal made by the company, including the reference shareholders, Jorge Paulo Leman, Marcel Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira. Includes a contribution of $12 billion. (estado contudo)

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