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Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise, government and opposition parties condemn acts of hate | Hate incidents on the rise | Israeli-Kazakh conflict | Canada

[Великая Эпоха, 14 ноября 2023 г.](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Ping in Toronto)Israeli-Kazakh conflictWith no signs of cooling, major cities such as Montreal and Toronto have seen varying degrees of anti-Semitic violence and violence.anti-Islamic incidentsamong whichanti-Semitic incidentsThe most alarming thing.

last week,CanadaThere were several violent attacks against the Jewish community. For example, last Monday and last Tuesday there were two petrol bombings at a Montreal synagogue. Last Wednesday evening there were shootings at two local Jewish schools. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Police are still investigating. .

Violent clashes broke out between Palestinian and Israeli supporters at Concordia University last Wednesday, leaving three injured and the arrest of a 22-year-old woman. On Friday morning, Indigo’s flagship store in Toronto was spray-painted red and posted with signs accusing the company’s Jewish founder of “financing genocide.”

There has also been a spike in hate incidents against Jews this week during Holocaust Education Week. Jews were threatened in their homes, schools and businesses, holy sites were torn from Jewish homes, Stars of David stained with blood were painted on Jewish homes and at least one public school, and a Jewish doctor’s home in Mississauga received death threats. protests were held near the Jewish Community Center and much more.

Toronto police said last month thatIsraeli-Kazakh conflictIn the first three days after the war in Kazakhstan, police received 14 hate reports, which is much more than the 5 and 1 reports in the same period in Kazakhstan. Over the past two years, out of 14 messages, 12 were related to anti-Semitism and 2 to anti-Muslimism.

Police say there has been a very worrying spike in hate incidents and crime. Police also say that despite a recent surge in hate crime reports, they are still lower than the actual number of crimes committed. Police are thoroughly investigating each incident and encourage people to report any incidents they see.

Problems and calls of the Jewish community

As a Jew, Congressional Speaker Karina Gould naturally felt the effects of anti-Semitism. In a recent media interview, Gould revealed that the first thing she feels as a person is extremely sad.

Gould also said there was currently an increase in anti-Semitism and Islamophobic behavior. This is a very scary time and many people are on high alert. To monitor these threats, Ottawa is committing an additional $5 million to install CCTV cameras and alarm systems at places of worship and community centres.

Gould believes these threats should be taken seriously to ensure the threats do not escalate and result in casualties.

Following the Kazakh-Israeli conflict, heated discussions began within the Jewish community about whether to allow children to continue going to school for safety reasons. To prevent incidents of hate violence, police in the Greater Toronto Area have increased vigilance and enforcement. So far, there have been no major violent crimes against the Jewish community in the GTA, but threats against Jews continue to occur in some schools and businesses.

Some Jewish parents said it was truly scary to see police cars patrolling near their children’s schools, Jewish businesses and synagogues.

Anna Sternshis, a professor at the Anne Tanenbaum Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto, said Jewish faculty and students on university campuses also face harassment and persecution.

Hitchis believes that those who disagree with the actions of the Israeli government can protest in front of the Israeli embassy, ​​but if they go to the Jewish community to protest or cause damage, they are not just protesting the Israeli government, but asking all Jews to be held accountable for the actions Israeli government. But in fact, Toronto’s Jewish community is also very diverse.

Others noted that there are many places where people sympathetic to Palestine can protest, but protesting in front of Jewish schools and businesses is too much. This is the equivalent of protesting in front of other people’s houses. It scares. They hope politicians and civic leaders can come out and call for an end to this behavior.

Hitchis believes that solving the problem of anti-Semitism will not be easy, but strengthening dialogue and interaction can play a role. The more Jews talk and interact with others, the more they listen to others. For others, they are less likely to be demonized if they know Jewish people.

Three Levels of Government Condemn Acts of Hate

Prime Minister Trudeau said last Thursday thatCanadaThere is no place for hatred and Canadians cannot kill each other.

This Monday (November 13), Canada’s Minister of Mental Health Yaara Sachs and Liberal MP Anthony Housefather of Montreal traveled to Washington DC to attend two days of International Jewish Parliamentary Council (ICJP) meetings and events and will also attend a large Pro-Israel rally outside the Capitol on Tuesday (Nov. 14).

Premier Doug Ford also strongly condemned recent acts of anti-Semitism and announced that he would expand anti-Holocaust education and awareness in high schools. Ford also said the government’s goal is very clear: If we forget the painful lessons of the past, we will not be able to build a better future. .

In a statement, Toronto Mayor Zou Zonghui said the mayor’s position is very clear: there is no place for anti-Semitism or anti-Muslims, as well as hatred, intimidation and harassment, in Toronto.

The statement urges that despite the pain and anger felt by many, our common humanity must not be lost sight of. Toronto is a very diverse city and people must continue to work hard to build a Toronto without hate, where everyone has a sense of belonging and can live here without worries.

Zou Zonghui has been in contact with the police, and the police have assured the city government that they will strengthen investigations and public security patrols. Zou Zonghui told the media last Friday (Nov 10) that hatred and threats against individuals and businesses because of their identity and religious background are unacceptable.

Last Thursday (November 9), the Holocaust Museum in Toronto held a special commemoration of Kristallnacht in Germany in 1933, when Jewish shops and businesses were vandalized and looted in Germany. Museum executive director Dara Solomon said today’s Canadian governments at all levels are not sitting idly by like the German government.

The Jewish community alone cannot defeat anti-Semitism, and the Jewish community needs the support of allies. In this situation, everyone should come together to fight anti-Semitism because we are all Canadians.

Responsible Editor: Yue Yi#

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