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Avoid dependence on China as global automakers seek to cut rare earth use | Electric cars | Tesla | General Motors

[Великая Эпоха, 14 ноября 2023 г.](Detailed reporting by Epoch Times reporter Chen Ting) To reduce their dependence on China, automakers in Europe, the United States and Japan are competing to reduce their dependence on China.electric carmiddleRare earthDosage.

Currently, many car manufacturers useRare earthPermanent Magnet Motors, With the characteristics of high power density and high torque density of rare earth permanent magnets, rare earth permanent magnet motors have several advantages such as small size, light weight and high efficiency.

Earlier this year the market leaderTesla(Tesla) announced that it has reduced the content of heavy rare earth elements in each vehicle by 25% and plans to further reduce the content of rare earth elements in its next generation models.

Also,General MotorsJaguar Land Rover (JLR) and other automakers, as well as auto parts suppliers such as BorgWarner (BorgWarner), are developing engines with lower or no rare earth content, such as electrically excited synchronous motors without permanent magnets (EESM, also known as electrically excited AC synchronous motor).

Some car manufacturers, such as Nissan, are pursuing a dual strategy: on the one hand, they are developing new EESMs, and on the other hand, they are also developing permanent magnet motors that do not contain rare earth elements.

China dominates the mining and processing of 17 rare earth metals. China recently imposed restrictions on the export of gallium and germanium, as well as graphite, highlighting excessiveDependence on Chinarisks.

German supplier ZF Group has developed the EESM motor, which ZF technical director Otmar Scharrer says has the size and performance of a permanent magnet motor.

He said: “This is an important contribution that makes us moreDependence on China. “

Schaller said ZF is in talks with global automakers about potentially using it within two years.electric carProduction.

Apart from the problem of over-reliance on China for rare earth raw materials, recycling rare earth elements also requires the use of chemical solvents and generates toxic waste. Some manufacturers want to develop more environmentally friendly products.

Some automakers, such as BMW, say they have achieved this goal after years of research.

Generally speaking, a permanent magnet motor uses about 600 grams of neodymium. However, the price of neodymium is very unstable.

German auto parts manufacturer Vitesco has developed the EESM engine for Renault and will release a new version in 2026. Vitesco said rare earth-free alternatives would help avoid price fluctuations.

Companies such as US startup Niron Magnetics are also developing permanent magnets that do not contain rare earth elements.

Niron CEO Jonathan Rowntree said:TeslaThe rare earth phaseout announcement “allowed consumers to understand that rare earth elements are not needed to make magnets for electric vehicles.”

The problems don’t end with the engine. In some electric vehicles, about a third of the rare earth metals used are used in audio system speakers. British company Warwick Acoustics has developed rare earth speakers that are 90% lighter and more efficient than traditional speakers.

The company has signed a deal with the luxury automaker and is in talks with other clients, CEO Mike Grant said.

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