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Bahia’s largest agricultural technological innovation fair starts this Thursday (16)

E-Agro, the largest fair for innovation, agricultural technology and business creation in Bahia, will start this Thursday (16). The event will take place at the Convention Center in the neighborhood of Boca do Rio. in salvador, and its doors open to the public at 1 p.m., with the official opening ceremony taking place at 7:30 p.m. The president of Fab/Senar Systems, Humberto Mirana, the superintendent of Sabre Bahia, Jorge Khoury, the technical director Franklin Santos and the director of administration and finance Vitor Lopes are the officials who will be present on the site.

The fair is promoted by Fabeb/Senar System in collaboration with Sabre, and is supported by the sponsorship of Aiba, Abapa, Syngenta, Sistema Facomercio-BA. salvador city hall And Abracel. The event runs until this Saturday (18), and is free. The full program can be viewed here https://www.eagrodigital.com.br/, Entrepreneurs with CNPJ, DAP, NIRF, CAF, fishing registration and artisan cards will also have access to lectures and training. In return, the general public will be able to visit exhibition areas and cultural attractions throughout the event.

E-Agro will have a children’s play area, featuring an entertainer named Tio Paulinho. In addition, it has a food court, craft space and technology zone. This fair is becoming more diverse with each passing year. Visitors will find the best products from all regions of Bahia, such as artisan cheeses, award-winning coffees, selected wines, chocolates and craft beers.

The expectation is that more than 10 thousand people will visit the site in the three days of the event and about 2.5 thousand people will be trained daily by benefiting from the fair. Furthermore, business generation is expected to exceed R$15 million, not only with tours, but also through virtual auctions and exhibitors’ marketing.

E-Agro was organized victory of victory in 2019, Teixeira de Freitas in 2020 and 2021, and a digital edition in Salvador last year. In four editions, the event brought together 200 exhibitors and more than 40 thousand visitors, in addition to generating business worth more than R$100 million.

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