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Banco do Brasil Technology and Services Contest receives registrations until this 2nd

Register for Banco do Brazil Tecnologia e Serviços public tender ends this Monday (5/06), at 4 pm. Apart from the creation of the reserve register, a total of 138 places will be offered. The tests will be held on August 6At different times for each post

In this edition of the Banco do Brasil Tecnologia e Serviços public competition, vacancies will be offered for the positions of Technician (97) and Analyst (41) at the Intermediate/Technical and Higher levels respectively. Ten percent (10%) of the offers are for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). The analyst salary is R$4,369.45 and the technical salary is R$2,184.75.

All vacancies in Minas Gerais are for the position of Technician, The vacancies are distributed between the cities of Belo Horizonte, Sete Lagoas, Governador Valladares, Guanehões, Araucá, Ipatinga, Janauba, Montes Claros, Pousso Alegre, São Lourenço, Poços de Caldas, Varginha, Alfenas, Passos, Manhuacú, Ouro Preto, Cataguas Is. Barbacena, Almenara, Teofilo Otoni, Juiz de Fora, João Monlevade, Divinopolis, Uberaba, Uberlândia and Patos de Minas.

Interested parties can register at fgv knowledge, the registration fee for high-level positions is R$69.00, and for mid-level positions it is R$59.00. Payment can be made by bank slip till 4 pm on Tuesday (6/05).

about tests

Banco do Brasil Tecnologia e Serviços public competitive tests will be held on August 6 at different times for each position. Locations for the tests will be announced in this website, from July 31. See steps:

  • Objective Written Examination: Examination applicable for all posts in preliminary and qualifying stage;
  • Written and critical examination: The examination is applicable only to higher education candidates, in essay format, also eliminative and taxonomic;
  • Title Assessment: The stage is conducted only with higher education candidates of classificatory and tiebreaker nature. A full Higher Education Diploma in any field will be required, issued by an educational institution recognized by the MEC (Ministry of Education), with a minimum workload of 1,600 hours.


To register for the Banco do Brasil competition, candidates must access the FGV website. The fee is R$59.00 for intermediate level places and R$69.00 for higher level competitors. The last date for payment relaxation was March 23.

Contest information can be accessed Here, If you have any questions, interested parties can send an email to the address [email protected] or by phone 0800 2834628,

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