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BMW says navigation system on BMW iX is problematic

Jakarta (Antara) – BMW Astra operations manager Teguh Widodo said the problem with the map or navigation system on their latest electric vehicle, the BMW iX, has been resolved.

“We have indeed received the complaint and we have resolved the problem,” Teguh Widodo said in Jakarta on Monday.

They confirmed that this problem occurred some time ago with their latest electric vehicle, the problem was their responsibility principal,

So far, Teguh said that the problem can be solved by the after-sales team after sales From the BMW Astra that went to the owner of BMW’s latest electric vehicle.

“The problem is only due to software, as dealer we are entrusted with the job of selling only. If there is any problem with the vehicle we will inform you immediately principal And we immediately reported the problem there, so everything was resolved by the team after sales Us,” he said.

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Earlier, there was a complaint stating that the owner was feeling troubled by this problem. According to BMW iX owner Kevin Mintaraga, Google Maps and Apple Maps features are not working properly on Apple CarPlay.

“They (map features) constantly change directions unpredictably. “This failure became a safety concern for me and my children while driving at high speed on Tangerang’s toll road, when the map suddenly suggested leaving the route,” he told Antara in a statement on Monday.

Consumers who are familiar with various BMW vehicles may feel uncomfortable using this vehicle. This is because he always uses Google Maps for his daily mobility while using the BMW iX.

According to them, BMW Astra as the official BMW dealer in Indonesia is not able to solve the problem that troubles them. Additionally, they had to wait longer for repairs to problems with their vehicles.

“After inspection, they said they couldn’t fix it and said it was a known global problem. They advised me to wait for a software update. “It’s been more than three months without an update,” he said.

However, BMW Astra said it had completed its repair work on consumer vehicles that had problems with the maps. When contacted by ANTARA via brief message, Kevin would not confirm.

“Not yet, they are ignore I. I have reach upto To multiple stakeholders Them,” Kevin stressed when contacted via WhatsApp short message on Monday afternoon.

By the end of October 2023, 350 units of this vehicle have been ordered by consumers throughout Indonesia. The price of BMW iX in Indonesia itself is quite amazing. Consumers will have to dig deep into their pockets and redeem the vehicle for IDR 2,398,000,000.

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