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Brazil’s largest supply distributor presents strategy that promises to revolutionize agriculture

A national reference in the distribution of supplies for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), Nortel – a company that is part of the Sonepar Group – was present in “Agriculture-LED: The first workshop on artificial lighting in Brazil”. During the event, the distributor presented its new light supplementation solution for use in the field, incorporating data collected over the past few years in experimental applications in soybeans and corn .

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The objective of the workshop is to present artificial light solutions and technologies that can increase the productivity and quality of products grown in closed fields and open fields.

In addition to the undeniable gains in productivity, it is possible to contribute to reducing the consumption of water and chemical inputs. “We truly believe we are building the second floor agricultural production In Brazil.”, explains Marcos Rocha, CEO of Nortel.

The project was born from a partnership between the distributor, ESALQ/USP, and Philips (Signify), which developed a specific luminaire for application in agriculture in open field crops.

He added, “In several trials, an increase in plant productivity through light supplementation has already been confirmed, with high effectiveness of increased growth and greater grain productivity without loss of nutrients and natural characteristics.”

The executive explains that the solution is efficient because it is able to identify which wavelength should be applied to each type of plantation with the use of specific luminaires, so that they can extend the period of photosynthesis during the night and produce more. Can. “This combination of factors, in controlled experiments, achieved productivity gains of more than 30%.”

The Light Supplementation solution is already being implemented at Fazenda Conforto, a cattle breeding company in Goiás, innovatively and guided by the use of technology and data analysis.

The estate consists of over 12,000 hectares of land, of which 1,800 are irrigated fields, where soy, maize and hay are produced for grazing on a rotational basis (following the ILP strategy).

According to Sergio Pelizzer, CEO of Fazenda Conforto, “the implementation of light supplementation in the field will only benefit, it will be positive for soybeans and especially corn, depending on the characteristics of the field”.

Nortel and Fazenda Conforto are leaders in their business sectors and for the first time they are working together to promote the growth of Brazilian agribusiness.

“The future of agribusiness is based on investment in biodiversity and new technologies that can help the land and soil. This solution that Nortel is bringing certainly accomplishes this”, commented Pelliser.

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