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Casey Stoner and Nolan have collaborated again to create a new helmet

Jakarta (Antara) – Australia’s MotoGP racer, Casey Stoner, has another opportunity to work with helmet company, Nolan, supporting the launch of the latest product from a corporation that is already familiar to the racer.

Ridepart reported on Sunday that there was no shortage of new motorbikes and new helmets at this year’s EICMA event. Shark is launching a few, HJC has a ton of new models and graphics to show off, not to mention this announcement from Nolan Group.

Stoner Nolan Group Ambassador has become part of the group and is considered a fitting representation of the group’s products and commitment to the highest quality.

Basically, he is already embedded and integrated with the company, so getting another contract will be no easy task after considering returning to racing.

With over 20 years of experience, Stoner has been able to win two World Championship titles in the premier class and is one of the most recognized racers in the industry.

With the bond between the two, a new chapter will open for Stoner, in which he will return to racing and also work on developing a new helmet for Nolan.

When the stoner returns grid, It will showcase the latest and greatest products coming out of its laboratories and production facilities in Bergamo, Italy. So, we await the next step from the Italian helmet maker.

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