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Demand payment from 123milhas rejected after company unlocked R$23 million

Former 123Milihas workers fired during the crisis of the Minas Gerais company protested against it on Monday morning (13/11) in front of the company’s headquarters in the Negocios neighborhood, in the center-south zone of Belo Horizonte. They are demanding termination payments, which have not been deposited since the company laid off most of its employees in late August.

With banners decorated with words like “Your excuses don’t pay our bills”, the group disputes the lack of payment after a few days Court unblocks R$23 million from 123milhas accounts, The release was authorized to pay for its current expenses, such as paying employees who still work at the company.

Labor debts can only be paid in accordance with the law if your judicial recovery plan is approved. 123Milihas collects R$15 million in labor debt.

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