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Edible flowers have become a trend and are gaining more and more space in Brazilian gardening

Published on 10/31/2023 at 08:28 am – Updated at 08:42 am, Registered by Veronica Macado

Edible flowers are getting more and more space gardening, in agricultural production, supermarkets, gastronomic places and fairs. According to studies, they contribute greatly to a healthy diet.

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plants grown in full sun flower The circle of food items is small and they also perform decorative functions. Some contain parts other than flowers and leaves that can be used for eating.

They can be grown in pots, flower boxes and flower beds. Furthermore, while some are adapted to warm climates, others are more common in cold climates and during winter, as is the case with lavender and snapdragon. In Brazil, edible variety is widely used by chefs to polish their dishes and give a different touch.

Those who want to know it do not need to wait for the opportunity to eat it as a gastronomic option, it is possible to find these varieties for sale and plant them at home. This is a great option for those who work with agricultural production and want to “upgrade” their products.

For example, the Brazilian company ISLA Sementes has more than 40 varieties of edible flowers, each of which has its own specificity, which should be taken into account when choosing.

Among the main flowers of this type are:

perfect love: The variety which tastes sweet. Begonia: It has an acidic taste similar to lemon.

Lion’s mouth: Mild taste.

Nasturtium: It has a pungent, slightly peppery flavour.

Cravin: A little sweet.

Sunflower: Sweet and sour taste.

how to plant

To start, choose the flower that best suits the climate where you live. Choose to sow in a permanent location or prepare seedlings in a seed bed, transplanting them within a few weeks.

Daily watering is important and it is also important that your plant gets at least 6 hours of light throughout the day.

Edible flowers can receive fertilizer, but preferably organic. This is because the nutrients remain available to them for a longer period, which improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil, as well as increases its water holding capacity.

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