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Enem 2023: Candidates consider mathematics exam accessible

From high school students to graduates, the majority of candidates for the National High School Examination (ENEM) at the PUC Curaçao Eucháristico in the northwestern region of Belo Horizonte considered the mathematics questions accessible. In the applied examination this Sunday (12/11), along with natural science, mathematics was also a subject of examination.

For example, Mikaela Aila, a 19-year-old biomedicine student, found that math questions were easier than natural science questions. “Ah, I don’t do very well in physics or chemistry anymore, so maths was easy for me”, said Michaela, who plans to use the grades to finance the course through the University for All Program (ProUni). Intends to.

Gustavo Oliveira, 27, who already has a degree in biology, also found the math test accessible. The biologist said, “Most questions in mathematics involved a lot of textual interpretation. The answer lay more in the interpretation of the statement, not the technical difficulty of doing the calculation.” performance, did not rule out a new graduation.

For Gustavo, the surprise was the outlook on topics like public health, especially vaccines. “I found the discussion important, requiring knowledge of this type of subject. I found it very interesting”, said the biologist, who, in general, considered the level of testing good compared to what it took to apply. biology.

Kimberly Nolasco, a 25-year-old student studying chemical engineering, said that, since she is already an undergraduate, she found it easy to solve the 45 math problems. Kimberly, who plans to change her major, said, “The natural science course was a little difficult because it’s not really my area, but I thought the math course was easy.”

Despite others’ evaluations, 18-year-old Lavinia Souza, still a high school student, admitted that nothing went as expected, but noted that she had an easier time last Sunday (5/11), when The subject was languages, anthropology and their technologies. “I’m more comfortable with Portuguese and I’m worse at math,” she joked, who is in her third year of high school and wants to study physiotherapy.

Leticia Hatem, 16, who, like Lavinia, is still in high school, faced difficulties in natural science questions. “There were a lot of questions about chemistry and mainly physics, but I had not seen this subject in school. Now, mathematics was very easy. This was the part I felt most comfortable doing”, student agreed.

For the fifth consecutive year, Time And this Chromoz – College & Preschool They will jointly publish unofficial anime answer keys. Immediately after the end of the examination, at 6:40 pm, students will be able to check the unofficial answers to the questions, as per the evaluation of the professionals of the institute.

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