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Forage palm is the topic of a conference at MOC

Seen by many Brazilians as a delicacy that is still uncommon, but considered a valuable food option for both humans and animals in the semi-arid region, the cactus will be the central theme of a conference in October, Which will take place in Montes Claros. Exhibition Park (MG). For three days (19, 20 and 21), the Sixth Brazilian Congress of Palma and Other Forages for Semi-Arid and Palmatec 2023 will bring together researchers, rural producers, technicians and those interested in the latest technologies related to these cacti.

This will be the first time that the Congress will be held outside the northeastern region of Brazil. The event is organized by the Famag Senar System and the Agricultural Research Company of Minas Gerais (Apamig), with the support of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Paraíba (Fepa/Senar-PB). Topics relate to management of the plant and its use in livestock farming, other fodder crops adapted to the semi-arid region, cactus fruit growing, technical support and management. A field day and a kitchen show complete the programme. Apart from this, there will also be presentation of technical scientific works during the event.

For Andrej Rufino, agronomist, researcher in the field of fodder and pastures and general head of the northern region of Apamig, the Congress will be important for more people to have access to palm cultivation, which is already widespread in the Northeast. “Apamig will present research evaluating different genotypes of fodder cactus in the semiarid region of Minas Gerais. Our hope is that there will be a lot of learning and exchange of information over three days with participants from all over Brazil and that after the Congress, more producers will start using fodder cactus”, he added.

The organization of this event in Minas Gerais reflects the importance of the cactus for the state. “The crop has been introduced as an essential component in the structure of animal diets in the Jaquitinhonha Valley and the north of Minas Gerais, contributing significantly to the development of these areas, which suffer from rare rainfall concentrated in a few months. year”, Rufino explains.

“This is an opportunity to bring forward the most modern and innovative technologies that exist for the semi-arid region. Bringing together the main palmists in an environment where they can talk directly to the people who will use these techniques on a daily basis”, says veterinarian Luiz Rodolfo Antunes, regional manager of the FEM System in Arakuí.

palmtech 2023
This year, the event will take place in person and in conjunction with the Brazilian Congress in Palma. In its third edition, the program focuses specifically on the propagation and cultivation of cactus pear in Minas Gerais, especially in the Vale do Jequitinhonha and the regions of the north of the state. PalmTech is an opportunity for farmers and agriculture industry representatives to learn about and disseminate new developments in machinery, equipment, inputs, research and technologies for palm tree planting and cultivation.

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