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Four manufacturers recalled more than 10 thousand vehicles due to damaged components

Jakarta (Antara) – Mercedes-Benz Korea and three other car companies will recall more than 10 thousand vehicles in South Korea due to faulty components, the country’s Transportation Ministry said on Wednesday (15/11).

The companies, which also include BMW Group Korea, Volkswagen Group Korea and domestic electric van maker Zeiss Mobility, are voluntarily recalling a total of 10,981 units of 20 different models, the ministry said.

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Mercedes-Benz will recall 9,528 units of 14 different models, including the E 250 sedan, due to possible engine failure due to faulty fuel pump components.

BMW will recall 141 units of two different motorcycle models due to inadequate headlight brightness for daytime riding.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen will address the battery failure in 73 units of two different Audi models, including the e-tron GT.

Meanwhile, Jess Mobility will recall 910 units of the ET van model to address the undercarriage of the vehicle not meeting safety standards. It was broadcast by Yonhap on Wednesday (15/11) local time.

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