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Gasoline and ethanol are cheap in BH, and alcohol continues to overcompensate.

The average price of gasoline and ethanol in Belo Horizonte and the region fell between October and November. Together with the drops, the alcohol remains within 63% of the value of gasoline, so it is more beneficial for the driver.

Research website Mercado Mineiro collected prices at 203 stations between November 9 and 11. The average price of gasoline is R$5.45 – a drop of a few cents or 1.6% from last month, when it was R$5.54. The decline comes after Petrobras announced cuts to distributors on October 19.

The price of ethanol is R$3.46, 1.9% lower than R$3.53 in October. Thus, alcohol remains beneficial to the driver’s pocket, as it usually compensates when it is less than 70% of the value of the fossil fuel. “In fact, ethanol is the solution for consumers. “Since the harvest started, prices have been falling”, says Feliciano Abreu, administrator of the Mercado Mineiro.

Diesel, on the other hand, is more expensive than gasoline and continues to rise in price. At the beginning of October, it was R$6.09. Since then, and after another adjustment by Petrobras, the price increased by 2% and reached R$6.21. CNG also became more expensive: with an increase of 8.7%, or R$0.43, it costs R$4.99. At the end of October, it was R$4.56.

The variation in gasoline exceeds R$1

Consumers can find gasoline ranging from R$5.09 to R$6.29 at different stations in BiH and the region, a variation of 23.6%. The difference is even more pronounced for ethanol, 38.2%: its price ranges from R$3.17 to R$4.38. Diesel prices range from R$5.97 to R$7.59, a difference of 27.1%. There is practically no variation in CNG.

The complete survey and all addresses are available here Mercado Mineiro website,

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