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Gerry Saleem ready to return to racing

Jakarta (Antara) – 76rider’s proud racer, Gerry Salim, is sure to take part in various motorbike racing events after the accident he suffered at the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) at Sugo Circuit in Japan last June. 2023 in the 600 cc supersport class.

In his official statement received by Antara on Tuesday, he said that the accident had forced him to stay away from the racing track for a long time. And of course, the efforts made by Tommy Salim’s younger brother to be able to ride the iron horse in the middle of the field again.

“I still remember that incident. The track was wet due to rain on Saturday. In the sixth or seventh lap I fell from the fast moving motorcycle. “Many parts of my body were badly injured,” Gerry said.

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In the accident that happened to Gerry, doctors said that he suffered fractures in his left jaw and middle jaw. Apart from this, the forceful blow also caused cracks in the nose, eyes, ears and head.

Faced with differing opinions, Gerry had to be honest in getting treatment through jaw surgery. Continuing the story, Racer forced himself to get out of bed instead of feeling fit, with blood and fluid coming out of his nose.

“Finally the doctor told me to sleep for three weeks after the surgery. Gerry said, “During hospitalization we could not eat anything by mouth, so our weight also lost 9 kg.”

The incident forced Gerry to recover for six months to a year. The team’s decision also comes in line with the doctor’s recommendation that Gerry not race for the next year. Due to this incident, it is very likely that Gerry will not be able to enter the AHRT team in the 2024 racing calendar.

“It’s hard for me because my life is on the racing track. But I also have to follow the requests of the medical team and doctors. For this reason, I am currently struggling to fix my situation. “Hopefully we’ll be fit soon enough so it won’t take a year to get back to racing,” he said.

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The spirit of racing that could not be separated from Gerry’s life helped him recover. He tried to get up by practicing slowly using a motorcycle with a small CC so that later he could get used to it again.

In this case, according to him, support from various parties is very meaningful, such as the support provided by 76Rider. 76Rider, a platform for extreme sports lovers in Indonesia, Gerry was invited to continue experiencing the atmosphere of the racing world through various championships, one of which is the trial game Dirt.

“I am grateful to 76rider who provided extraordinary assistance when we encountered this accident. “Maybe it is normal for other people, but it means a lot to me because when this disaster happened, I was at a loss,” he said. Wanted to accept.”

According to him, 76rider is now an important part of his life as he has got the opportunity to participate in motorbike racing again, albeit in a different segment than last.

Gerry has achieved many positive achievements during his time with 76rider. In 2017, he became the champion in the Solo Series Asphalt Trial Game event in two classes simultaneously, namely FFA 250 and FFA 450.

Then, Gerry also became the champion in the 2018 Malang International Asphalt Trial Game for the FFA 250 and FFA 450 International classes. Not only this, 76Rider also provides support to Gerry when he competes in international events like the Asia Road Racing Championship.

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