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Haddad says automotive program should be announced today

Finance Minister, Fernando Haddad, said this Monday (5/6) that the automotive program – which will include popular cars, buses and trucks – should be announced after a ceremony to mark World Day on the 5th. of the environment. “(The meeting with Lula) went well. We have a ceremony at 3 pm on the environment and after the ceremony we will make an announcement,” Haddad said upon returning to the Finance Ministry after a meeting with the President of the Republic. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Haddad did not provide details on what the announcement would look like. Earlier, this Monday morning (5/6), the The minister had already announced that the program to make popular cars cheaper has been reformed to include trucks and buses as well. Last week, Haddad said that President Lula had already approved the design of the measure, which aims to bring the price of the cheapest cars to around R$60,000. However, there were changes to the proposal, which were discussed with Lula this Thursday morning.

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