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Heat wave: Energy consumption breaks record in Brazil

The National Electric System Operator (ONS) recorded a new record this Monday (13) in the instantaneous load demand of the National Interconnected System (SIN): at 2:40 pm, the level of 100,955 megawatts (MW) was reached. This was the first time in the history of SIN that the load exceeded 100 thousand MW. The previous record was 97,659 MW, measured on September 26 this year.

At the time the new level was registered, the load was served by 61,647 MW of hydraulic generation (61.1%), 10,628 MW of thermal generation (10.5%), 9,276 MW of wind generation (9.2%), 8,506 MW of centralized solar generation (9.2%). (8.4%) and 10,898 MW solar power generation from micro and small distributed generation – MMGD (10.8%). The main reason for this load behavior is the significant increase in temperatures observed over much of Brazil.

This Tuesday (14) at 9:15 am in Rio de Janeiro, a temperature of 58.5 degrees Celsius (°C), the highest temperature recorded since 2014. The measurements were made by the municipal meteorological service station Alerta Río in Guaratiba, west of the city. At that time, the thermometer read 35.5°C.

The heat wave occurs at a time of year when, normally, the rainy season has already been established and when clouds act as a kind of temperature regulator. The absence of this protection, according to Annette Fernandes, a meteorologist at the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET), amplifies the effects of the climate event.

(Brazilian agency)

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