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Higher temperatures increase bedbugs and caterpillar pests in the Cerrado

Published on 11/14/2023 at 12:24 pm – Updated at 12:31 pm Registered by Veronica Macado

temperature Higher levels accelerate development insectIn general, the rate of reproduction and the number of its generations increase annually. Among the pests of soybean crops, stink bugs and caterpillars rank first and must be known very well for their control to be truly effective.

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In addition, it is also essential to know the life cycle of these pests and to identify other characteristics of each species related to abiotic influences, such as temperature and humidity.

According to Rafael Malandrino, pesticide manager at Adama, even with soybean harvest just beginning, low humidity conditions can favor the development of caterpillars, which reproduce more rapidly, and can produce multiple generations of descendants in a short period of time. Is. Also, this dry environment makes the plant more susceptible to damage from caterpillars.

He warns, “Continuous and regular monitoring is essential to identify the types of pests attacking the crop and to determine the right time to act strategically and avoid or minimize losses.”

false caterpillar (Rachiplesia naked)For example, it has caused headaches for growers in Brazil, as it has become more frequent, even in areas where biotechnology exists for control. It is more susceptible to defoliation than other species, such as caterpillars of the Spodoptera complex.

The caterpillar has become resistant to some of the biotechnological tools available to the farmer, which can further complicate the situation, as the grower often relies only on the plant’s technology, which may not be sufficient, as in this case, on Melandrino. Throws light.

“Under adverse conditions, plants become more stressed and naturally slow down their metabolism. As a result, they also reduce the production of Bt proteins responsible for controlling the caterpillars. Therefore, the farmer needs to use other management options like chemical control”, he says.

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