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Honda outlines a vision for electrified vehicles in Indonesia

SAPPORO, Japan (Antara) – PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) stressed that it has set a vision for electrified vehicles in Indonesia, starting with the launch of several hybrid vehicle models this year.

“Our move is always to study, introduce, expand and mature first. ICE cars (cars with internal combustion engine) have already matured. Hybrids have passed the study and are now entering the introduction, Where there will be another product by the end of the year, we will launch it,” PT HPM Sales and Marketing and After Sales Director Yusak Billi told several Indonesian journalists in Sapporo, Japan on Monday (30/10).

It is known that Honda launched Honda CR-V Hybrid at the 2023 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) in August last year.

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Billie stressed that his party is committed to continuing to introduce electrified vehicles in Indonesia in the coming years.

He said, Honda aims to reach the net zero emission Or carbon neutral across all their products by 2040 globally. He also informed that the company aims to produce 30 lakh units of electrified vehicles by 2030.

However, Billy admits that each country faces different challenges depending on the available infrastructure. Some of the obstacles to moving towards electrification include limited production, high component prices, and a lack of models currently available.

Honda has taken the first step towards meeting this challenge by launching the CR-V Hybrid and will launch another hybrid vehicle in the country later in the year.

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Billie also said Honda plans to expand local production to support electrification. This is an important step to meet consumer demand and support the growth in the use of electric vehicles in Indonesia.

Honda is also continuing to study electric vehicles in Indonesia. It is known that the Japanese automotive manufacturer has collaborated with the University of Indonesia (UI) in the field of education and research on electrification technology using the Honda-E electric car.

In addition to collaborating with UI, Honda is also collaborating with Pertamina Patra Niaga and Pertamina New Renewable Energy to research the use of electric cars in business activities in urban areas.

Through this collaboration, Honda is providing a unit of the Honda N-Van EV prototype, Honda’s latest electric car, to support the mobility of goods delivery from warehouse to Bright Store units in the Jakarta area and surrounding areas. There is a prototype.

Additionally, Billie assesses that the expansion of electric vehicles will probably take time, depending on consumer demand and infrastructure development.

However, he is optimistic that as more people switch to electrification, demand will increase and the electric car market in Indonesia will grow.

“So we really need to introduce electrification technology throughout Indonesia so that once electrification begins to be introduced and expanded, Indonesians will be able to accept it. Of course, my government sees that rapid development of infrastructure It has happened, and the infrastructure should also develop rapidly with more models that can emerge again,” he said.

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