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How do experts evaluate the bill for renting an apartment by the day with the permission of neighbors?

Experts remind that the authorities have long wanted to solve the problem of conflicts arising between landowners and neighbors, but they doubt that the ideas proposed now will work.

Photo: Petr Kovalev/TASS

They want to allow renting out apartments on a daily basis only with the consent of neighbours. The State Duma is preparing the corresponding bill for the second reading, he writes. “news”, At this stage, according to the bill, in order to legally rent out his apartment on a daily basis, its owner must obtain the consent of at least 75% of the residents of the apartment building. According to representatives, this will allow the legitimate interests of the neighbors to be respected. And this point puts an end to the idea even before the bill is adopted.

According to experts, in most cases, owners will not be able to convince their neighbors to grant such permission; They also simply won’t be able to collect residents. In other words, if the law is adopted, it will not work. This will lead to the fact that even those who try to do everything legally today and pay tax on rental housing will also go into the dark. And the shadow market for daily rentals is still thriving today, says tourism expert Nikolai Melnik:

Nikolay Melnik tourism expert

But then the question arises that how long will the market remain in the shadow? Daily rental is a business that needs to be constantly advertised. Nothing prevents law enforcement from starting to monitor Avito and other sites in search of such apartments, making test purchases and punishing those who rent out housing illegally. And most likely, you won’t have to monitor anything, says Igor Blinov, development director of the national network of travel agencies OnlineTur.ru:

Igor Blinov Director for the development of the national network of travel agencies OnlineTur.ru

And then the most interesting part. How will they be punished? Will the fine amount force you to leave this business? No reply yet. Because the amount of fine is unknown. But it is clear who benefits from this. Realtor and rental market expert Alexander Kharybin continues:

Alexander Kharibin Realtor, rental market specialist

However, it cannot be denied that ordinary citizens are primarily interested in establishing order in this market. After all, many people really suffer from the fact that the neighboring apartment is rented by the day: dirt in the entrances, suspicious personalities in the house, noisy parties or scandals, sounds that bring pleasure only to those present. who are inside the rented apartment for a few hours. Something needs to be done about this, but so far no one has proposed an effective mechanism under which both business can survive and neighbors will be happy.

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