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HPM retail sales grow 7 percent, WR-V becomes flagship model

Jakarta (Antara) – PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) recorded a significantly positive growth in retail sales in the period from January to October 2023, with an increase of 7 percent, led by the Honda WR-V.

PT HPM Sales & Marketing and After Sales Director Yushak Bily said in its official statement, “By the end of this year, we will continue to strive to refresh the market with various activities and sales programs, making it easier for consumers to buy Honda cars. It will be easy.” Statement, Wednesday.

For the first time in Honda’s sales record during this period, Honda WR-V got the first place. Since being marketed in late 2022, the model immediately received a positive response from consumers and contributed 14 percent to Honda’s total sales this year.

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Meanwhile, Honda Brio and Honda HR-V are the models that contributed the biggest to Honda’s sales this year, each contributing 44 percent and 20 percent to Honda’s total sales in that period.

Last October, HPM recorded retail sales of 9,611 units and the all-new Honda CR-V managed to register retail sales of 534 units, a growth of 71 percent compared to September 2023.

Honda Brio recorded sales of 4,494 units, Honda HR-V 1,474 units, Honda BR-V 1,361 units and Honda WR-V 1,241 units.

Meanwhile, other Honda models like Honda Mobilio sold 251 units, Honda City hatchback RS 150 units, Honda Civic RS 67 units, New Honda Accord 14 units, New Honda City 16 units and Honda Civic. 9 units of the Type R were sold.

Yushak Bily concluded, “We thank consumers who have welcomed Honda products, allowing Honda to achieve positive sales growth this year even in volatile market conditions.”

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