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Hydrogen is an eco-friendly option for future vehicles

Jakarta (Antara) – Providing environmentally friendly vehicles does not only focus on electric vehicles, many automotive manufacturers believe that hydrogen is the future option for environmentally friendly vehicles.

Today, it is surprising that hydrogen power is gaining popularity, gaining many fans in various industries such as motorsport, trucks and factory machinery.

The presence of vehicles using hydrogen as an emissions-friendly alternative could also save combustion engines from extinction, Carscoops reported on Monday.

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Hydrogen technology is a technology that offers two solutions for companies that want to create environmentally friendly vehicles and engines. Probably one of the technologies we’ve heard about most in the last 25 years is the hydrogen fuel cell, where hydrogen is converted into electricity that powers a vehicle, and the only emission produced is water.

This is a technology that will be found in many cars like the Toyota Mirai, and it is also an answer that many in the long distance trucking industry consider superior to battery power, although Tesla has a different opinion on this.

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However, hydrogen can also be used in very different and familiar ways. As Automotive News points out in its latest article, it can be used as a replacement for gasoline and diesel in combustion engines in everything from race cars to cement mixers.

Consumers will recall that Toyota showed a hydrogen-fueled version of the GR Yaris, and later campaigned the hydrogen GR86 in the Japanese racing series.

Le Mans will allow hydrogen-engined race cars from 2025 and although F1’s current rules do not allow it, it is highly likely they will change the policy as pressure grows on top motorsport to go green.

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