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IDR 336 million Volkswagen electric car may arrive in the second half of the decade

Jakarta (Antara) – Volkswagen has not yet taken any decision regarding the production of an electric car costing 20,000 euros (about Rs 336 million), but CEO Oliver Bloom is confident that the company can achieve it in the second half . Decade, he said at a conference on Wednesday (15/11).

Bloom said the key to lowering electric car prices is reducing battery costs, citing the company’s plans to create a similar battery cell that he claims could halve the cost of batteries.

Volkswagen in March provided details about a 25,000 euro (about Rp 421 million) electric car under development, which will be launched in 2025 with a range of 450 km and a battery charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in about 20 minutes .

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The company said at the time that it was working on a 20,000-euro vehicle, but did not provide further details.

“We have a responsibility to bring the right product to market at the right price,” Bloom said.

“Having reached the early adopters of electric cars, we now need to explain this technology to consumers who may not have the opportunity to install a charging station at home,” he said.

Bloom also said that inflationary pressures, lack of charging infrastructure and removal of subsidies are also hindering demand for electric cars. It was broadcast by Reuters on Wednesday (15/11) local time.

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