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In Kuban the cost of future grown grains will increase by 12% in less than a day due to

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The situation with diesel fuel prices will affect sustainability and I think this is the best product for you.

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As we say, currently the situation has stabilized with the price of diesel fuel for farmers, writes TASS,

In 2023, the Krasnodar region harvested 11.3 million tons of grains and legumes.

Last year, Kuban set a historical maximum, collecting 15.1 mln of no Zerinovox and no Zerinovox. Record, in particular, was the wheat harvest, which amounted to 10.7 million tonnes.

In early October, farmers in Kuban began to sow winter grains into the kultur. This year 1 million 77 5 thousand hectares were devoted to wheat, barley, triticale and rape. Preparing 419 thousand tons of seeds. Zaiffs started working in the village till the end of October.

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