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Learn how the hybrid system works on the New Almaz RS Pro Hybrid

Jakarta (Antara) –

Wuling Motors (Wuling), entering the era of electrification in Indonesia, presents two lines of choice, both fully electric vehicles and cars with hybrid technology such as the Wuling New Almaz RS Pro Hybrid.

This hybrid vehicle from a manufacturer based in Cikarang, West Java has several unique features rarely found in other vehicles, such as an intelligent multi-mode hybrid powertrain that works automatically. This way, the driver doesn’t have to worry much about changing the existing driving mode.

According to Wooling, as written in a press statement received in Jakarta on Wednesday, three modes exist in the system, including an EV mode that is powered by battery energy or the vehicle runs entirely on the battery without using fuel. It is operated by.

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Additionally, there are two other driving modes, namely Series Hybrid which handles charging the battery and is powered by an electric motor, and Parallel Hybrid mode which shares the workload between the engine and the electric motor.

This car in the medium sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment has two drives under the hood, namely a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,999 cc with Atkinson cycle support and a 130 kW generator motor that gives this vehicle reactive power and smooth and responsive gears. Provides shift. ,

In this way, Wooling claims that the combination of the two is capable of working automatically to select driving modes based on battery condition, speed and the driver’s needs. This way it can provide fuel efficiency and lower emissions, but power performance remains high.

In addition, various sophisticated and modern equipment is also provided on this vehicle, such as integrated safety system Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Internet of Vehicle (IoV) or Wuling Remote Control App and Wuling Indonesian Voice Command (WIND). One language voice commands. Indonesia.

This ADAS feature is available in four categories that provide convenience for the users, such as Adaptive Cruise which works automatically to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, helps in reducing speed on winding roads and vehicle Keeps it in the middle of the lane line. ,

Then there is also the Lane Recognition feature which is supported by Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) to warn the driver when he drifts out of the lane and keep him in the right lane. Then there’s the Safe Distance and Braking Assist feature, which provides a warning if the vehicle in front is not within a safe distance as well as an automatic emergency braking system if conditions become dangerous.

The next feature is Intelligent Head Beam Assistance which works as an automatic light, switching the far and near lights according to the surrounding environment.

Other safety features that use the latest technology include Electric Parking Brake (EPB), Hill Hold Control (HHC), Auto Vehicle Holding (AVH), Traction Control System (TCS), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) and 4 SRS features. Are. Airbag.

In addition, this car also uses a chassis with front/rear suspension, Electric Power Steering (EPS) steering and tilt steering adjustment which is comfortable while driving this Wuling smart SUV.

This eco-friendly car with dimensions of 4,670×1,835×1,760 is also equipped with a beautiful and classy design externally, making the users feel confident while using it in daily activities.

Like other SUV vehicles, this car also emphasizes this by using sporty 18 inch alloy wheels, making the Wuling New Almaz RS Pro Hybrid look even more attractive and futuristic.

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