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MG Indonesia ensures that the new MG ZS EV will be produced locally in 2024

Jakarta (Antara) – MG Motor Indonesia plans to produce CKD (completely knocked down) To emphasize MG’s commitment to the Indonesian automotive market, their new MG ZS EV will be in Indonesia in February 2024.

“This is an important step for us and the Indonesian automotive industry. The new MG ZS EV not only brings innovation, but also opens a new chapter in vehicle electrification in our country,” said Arief Sirifudin, Marketing and PR Director, MG Motor Indonesia. he said. In its official statement on Wednesday.

Subsequently, the new MG ZS EV will be designed with advanced technology and a design that will suit the modern lifestyle, especially for the environment-loving millennial generation.

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If this is true, MG will produce its new MG ZS EV in Indonesia, making MG the first manufacturer to produce a locally produced electric-based SUV.

He also said the MG factory, located at the heart of the Indonesian automotive industry in Cikarang, West Java, is equipped with leading technology, including automated production lines, quality testing centers and advanced EV battery assembly facilities.

“We use modern robotics and AI-based production management systems for better production efficiency. “The factory has been designed to comply with international environmental standards with initiatives such as the use of renewable energy and zero waste management,” he said.

He continued that the factory will also provide various benefits for Indonesia, such as strengthening the national economy due to export potential, expanding employment opportunities and exchanging knowledge and technology for Indonesians.

Most importantly, Indonesia can strengthen its position in the global industry aiming to become the base for electrification in Southeast Asia and be able to produce 600 thousand electric cars by 2030.

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