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More expensive and rare, but possible with kids, animals, and chips

Against the backdrop of rising mortgage prices, the Moscow rental market continues to show its strength. Over three quarters, average rates have increased by more than 40% on average, and the cheapest apartments are already five times less than those who want to rent them. The positive thing is the loyalty of the landlords towards the new rental format and the family structure of the tenants.

Photo: Alexander Ryumin/TASS

Even before the key rate was raised to 15%, BFM.ru reportedPaying a mortgage in Russia has become almost twice as expensive as renting an apartment. CIAN, whose calculations were the basis for this statement, based the average parameters of a room along with the average cost of resale of a room in cities with a population of more than one million and the average rental rate in October. Mortgage loan (down payment of 20%, average loan term of 25 years and rate of 14.5% per annum).

Then it turned out that on average in Russia mortgage payments are 1.8 times more expensive than rent: 48 and 26 thousand rubles per month, respectively. And the largest difference, in particular, was recorded in Moscow – 2.3 times. According to analysts, in the capital, the average cost of a one-room apartment in the secondary market is about 12 million rubles, the monthly mortgage payment is 118 thousand, and the rent is 51 thousand rubles.

Now that the “key” is already at the level of 15%, the calculation of CIAN will most likely have to be adjusted, and not in favor of the mortgage. Therefore, interest in both the general situation and the details of the Moscow rental market is becoming more and more intense.

At the end of October, Dom.RF shared its findings based on its own statistics and CIAN data*. It turned out that in the nine months of 2023, the capital’s rental supply decreased by more than 66% and reached the level of autumn 2021. “A major reason for the current market situation is the continuous decline in liquid supply: small apartments with minimum rents are in greatest demand among tenants. According to our calculations, the supply volume of one-room apartments and studios declined by 73% in January-September this year, while the supply of four-room and more spacious apartments declined by 39%. The peak in terms of the share of leaching was August, when the decline in the supply of one-room apartments was 34%, that is, almost half of the total decline in the indicator for the entire current year,” Veronika Yanushkevich, rental housing in Dom.RF. The director of development shares the calculations.

As a result, in three quarters of 2023, average rental rates increased by more than 40% (from 60 thousand to 87 thousand rubles), which was mainly due to an increase in the average area of ​​lots on display (from) 54 to 61 sq m) and lack of affordable quality supplies. Separately, it is worth emphasizing that when renting housing, the issue of registration (the main difference between an apartment and an apartment) is almost unimportant, and other apartment restrictions (on the availability of social infrastructure, insulation, layout, etc.) not so. Are. Important, so there is practically no difference in price. There is no difference between a rental apartment and an apartment.

It is logical to believe that the continued rise in mortgage prices will increase demand in the rental market, and therefore not only 100% liquid, but more or less liquid, or even eliminate any supply at all. Reduction in housing risk period and increase in rental rates. Specialist of the company “INCOM-REAL ESTATE” CommentFor example, in the capital’s mass rental market, demand is 70% higher than a year ago, and the cheapest apartments presented at the exhibition are five times less than those wishing to rent them.

In these conditions, tenants are increasingly uniting and renting housing together to save money: this fall there are a third more such applications than last year, according to the apartment rental department of the INCOM-real estate company. Experts have calculated. At the same time, 70% of joint tenants are people who come to Moscow to earn money, 20% are students and young professionals, and 10% are Muscovites who are torn between renting and owning their own, more expensive apartments. Make money on the difference. Someone else’s, the cheap one.

Group renting can also be beneficial for landlords. Firstly, it is difficult to find single tenants or a family for a multi-room apartment on a large scale, and many people are forced to rent out such properties for collective rent. Analysts calculated that in 2023, compared to 2022, when demand was relatively low, the number of three- and four-room apartments transferred for joint rent increased by 21%, and two-room apartments increased by 9% .

Secondly, the hiring rate for the company increases by 10-15%. Third, it is less cumbersome than renting out living space room by room with the execution of separate rental agreements. INCOM-Real Estate experts note that shared tenancy is formalized by a standard tenancy agreement; One responsible tenant is indicated as the tenant (the rest are designated as living in the apartment) or several people can be entered in the “Tenant” column. Often, it is the responsible tenant who communicates with the owner regarding payment for housing and solves all household issues with him.

“But there are some nuances. For example, sometimes joint tenants want to save even more. Since renting by a company has a slightly higher cost of living than renting individually (or by a family), they do this: One person (or a married couple) rents an apartment. Is, obviously for himself, and then the rest go away without informing the owner. This violation of the rental agreement is usually discovered soon after, and either the contractual relationship with the fraudsters is terminated, or the lease is re-issued. I advise landlords not to be lazy to check their housing once a month and improve relations with their neighbors – they will report problems, ”deputy of the apartment rental department of INCOM-Real Estate Company. Director Oksana Polyakova advises.

But the Sebrovsk analytical center “Domclick” *, after studying advertisements for long-term rental of Moscow apartments, came to the conclusion that now, on average, almost every second advertisement contains a note “possible with small children”, and every fourth Is – ” Possible with pets ” ” The largest percentage of ads in which owners indicated the possibility of renting housing with small children, were in the Southern and Southeast (50%), Western (47%) and Central ( was recorded in 45%) districts, with animals – in central (27%), western (26%) and northern (22%) districts.

“We see that apartment owners are loyal to tenants with small children and pets,” says Alexey Lippi, director of Sberbank’s Domclick division. And, according to their estimates, for residents with small children and animals, the difference in rental costs, as a rule, does not exceed 10%.

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