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Otoproject inaugurated the fifth “Experience Store” in Sibubur

Jakarta (Antara) – Producer aftermarket From Indonesia, Otoproject has officially opened Experience Store Their fifth is Otoproject Garage which is located in Sibubur area of ​​East Jakarta.

“Otoproject Garage Sibubur is here to meet the needs of our customers in the East Jakarta area, who are expecting the presence of a quality car accessories store. As our appreciation to consumers, we have a special offering a promo Grand opening This,” Martin, founder of Otoproject, said in an official statement on Sunday.

The fifth experience store is claimed to have a very strategic location, this is because it is right along the main road in Wisata City, with a three-storey building and a large parking area.

On the first floor, consumers will be presented with a view of installing car accessories, while the second floor is a living room. It shows Which showcases a variety of high quality car accessory products in a comfortable environment.

According to Martin, this space can be used as a place of inspiration to derive modification concepts that are more in line with the consumer’s desires with various accessories that can be obtained, such as various exterior and interior accessories.

In connection with the opening of Otoproject Garage Sibubur, Otoproject also offers special promotions to please customers. From November 11 to December 31, 2023, all customers are entitled to participate in the Lucky Dip program door prizes as three units smartphones Android.

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