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Petrobras (PETR3) announces dividends and JCP. Confirm your value for action

The Petrobras Board of Directors approved the night of the quinta-feira (9) the payment of dividends and juros on equity capital (JCP) for shareholders of around R$17.5 billion relating to the result of the third quarter of the year. The amount is equivalent to shareholder remuneration of R$1.34 for one ordinary and preferred share.

The collegiate meets in the last quinta-feira to approve the company balance Compared to the period July 2023. Payment will be made in two packages, sent first on February 20, 2024, of R$0.67, and not of the same value on March 20.

Short data will be November 21, 2023 for holders of issue shares of Petrobras The exchange trading and record date will be November 24 for holders of ADRs traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). While Petrobras shares will be traded by “ex-directors” B3 and on the NYSE from November 22.

This is the second shareholder payment announcement after the modification of the company’s dividend policy, which gave rise to a dividend forecast of around 45% of the book cash flow (difference between the cash flow operating cash and investments for the quarter). Before, it was a potential percentage of 60%.

In the second quarter of the year, the company distributes R$14.8 billion to its friends, and in our first three months of the year, R$24.7 billion (along with a 60% cut). of the book’s cash flow). With this, the total amount of dividends announced for the new first months of the year reached R$57 billion.

A donation of 36.6% to the company’s capital via Tesouro, the Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) and its participation support, BNDESPar, to the Ficar Union with R$6.4 billion from dividends approved. Thus, the Treasury plots referring to the first half of the year, were paid with dividends and reached R$20.8 billion in 2023.

In 2022, the Union earned approximately R$79 billion for a total of R$215.7 billion distributed to shareholders relating to the fiscal year.

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