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PRC down 4 percent, Bridgestone Capital launches Ecopia EP300 Enlighten

Karawang (Antara) – PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia (Bridgestone Indonesia) has officially launched a new product from the Ecopia derivative, named Ecopia EP300 Enlighten, which is claimed to have a higher capacity. rolling resistance coefficient (PRC) or reduced rolling resistance is 4 percent lower than tires without this technology.

“Apart from the business side, the presence of the Ecopia EP300 Enlighten reflects our strong commitment towards environmental aspects,” said Mukiat Sutikono, president director of Bridgestone Indonesia, at the launch of Bridgestone’s latest tires in Karawang, West Java on Wednesday.

It is estimated that Enlighten’s technology will have a significant impact on the environment as tires with this technology can reduce CO2 production by reducing fuel consumption.

“Environmental issues are concerns “Our biggest (concern) is part of the Bridgestone E8 commitment, which includes points related to energy, ecology and efficiency,” Muqiyat said.

In its implementation, Bridgestone consistently maintains its commitment to providing quality products including customizable crown shape (Pattern or shape of tire tread).

Bridgestone believes that by implementing such a design it will be possible to achieve more uniform contact of the tire with the asphalt surface. With this design, the RRC produced by the tire is considered lower or better.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP300 Enlighten. (Antara/Chairul Rohman)

The largest round rubber producer in Indonesia is very focused on pollution issues, which are currently being intensified by the government. With its various experiences and technology, it is not so difficult for Bridgestone to create a product that is clean for nature.

“The technology happening in the automotive industry is also in line with supporting industries like tyres. “Therefore, this product is more efficient, PRC is also lower hence fuel consumption is much better and of course emissions will also be lower,” claims Muqiyat.

The performance of the Ecopia EP300 Enlighten is also supported by a round block edge design that prevents distortion to maintain the contact shape, which will help during the braking process.

“The application of the new tread design to better control tire deformation is capable of providing long-lasting tire performance. “Such as handling and braking on a wet track,” said Masaaki Abe, marketing director of Bridgestone Indonesia.

Enlighten’s new Ecopia EP300 will be available in late November in 15, 16 and 17 inch ring sizes and will be ready for use in a variety of MPVs and segment vehicles. Small SUV.

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Editor: Natisha Andarningtyas
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