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Professionals updated with FIES do not get the same exemption as debtors

Professionals who have graduated with the help of the Higher Education Student Financing Fund (FIES) and their installments are up to date can, in the renegotiation of “Desenarola”, receive up to 99% of the loan offered to those who delay their payments. Was angry with the discount. “Program of Education” from the Federal Government.

Accountant Ellen de Oliveira, 34 years old, has been paying FIES since 2017. Today the debt is approximately R$14,000. With another renegotiation proposed in 2022, the price will drop to R$12 thousand. However, this amount must be paid in advance.

Elaine explains that the option to renegotiate prices using the new format is not available to her.

“This is not reflected in the renegotiation application, only the year 2022 is mentioned, which was not good for me. There was a 12% discount on it, but I had to pay in cash. Now this conversation is coming out that I saw that anyone who is in loan for more than 360 days, if they have the same registration, they can get up to 92% discount on the original loan and if not, So they can get up to 92% discount on the original loan. Can get up to 77% of the original amount. This includes not only the interest and penalty but also the total amount of the loan”, he complains.

According to him, this new system is not appropriate. “Those who pay on time do not get any benefit. What was even better was that I had left it for over a year without paying and now I went there and agreed to the price because I would get over 70% off. Those who pay on time do not get meaningful benefits”, he explains.

He says, “If I default, my R$14,000 loan will be reduced to R$3,266 and I can still split it into 15 installments. This makes me very angry.”

At the same time, many people in FIES debt posted huge discounts on social media to eliminate their student loan debt. Lawyer Brenda Fontes was one of them.

“My FIES loan was R$45,000 and I just got a rebate of R$41,000! And I was still able to pay R$3,900 in 15 interest-free installments. Seriously, unreal!”, he celebrated. In this case, The discount was 91%.

Cecien Cunha was another professional who got a huge discount to repay the loan. She received a 92% discount (R$62,207.85) and the debt dropped to R$5,409.38, with monthly installments of R$360.63.

In the comments on both professionals’ posts, some also question the rebates they receive and complain about paying FIES installments on time.

This week, the federal government reported that more than 1.2 million students indebted to FIES can seek the service channels provided by Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil to request their renegotiation from Tuesday (7). Loans that can be renegotiated reach R$54 billion.

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