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Record increase in recruitment in North Minas

Last August, according to data analyzed by the General Register of Unemployed and Unemployed (Contained), the Center for Economic Studies of the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism of Minas Gerais (Fecomércio-MG) revealed that the Northern Region of Minas recorded a 10% growth in recruitment compared to July. An analysis of these numbers shows the dominance of traditional hiring, representing 74.1% of filled vacancies.

Among these sectors, the services segment stands out with 470 vacancies, followed by trade which fills 320 vacancies. Teleservice activities, retail sales of general merchandise (with a focus on food products, such as supermarkets), a mix of office and administrative support services, and a mix of services to support buildings (except condominiums) and Basic Education stand out in generating employment. However, civil construction had a negative performance, recording a decline of 268 jobs in August in the region. In addition, labor recruitment this month was marked by a significant increase in female professionals, with 56% of vacancies allocated to women and 44% to men.

One of them is 33-year-old Grazielle Souza, a publicist who once worked, but was eventually fired and, in less than two months, found another job in August this year. “I am working again and have a formal contract. “It was so fast that before I got the permit, I already got another job, but I chose this because it’s my field,” he said.

In total, the region recorded a positive balance of 464 net jobs across the 89-city group in August, as a result of hiring minus layoffs. The average fixed salary in the region was R$1,595.15, below the state average of R$1,896.51 in the same period.

However, the Minas North Region remains one of the best in terms of employment volume since January 2020. This growth reflects a 20% increase in the labor force in 89 municipalities, and, in some months, a total of 33,424 jobs were created. in the region.

The person celebrating this positive result was Glenn Andrade, president of Sindcomércio Montes Claros, affiliated with Fecomércio-MG. He emphasized that the above-average growth compared to other areas of the state reflects growing investment in new businesses in Montes Claros and the surrounding area. “The fact that local and foreign businesses are also increasingly investing in Montes Claros and the surrounding region makes the northern region of Minas Gerais famous, as Montes Claros is a regional center city and drives this expansion.” Glenn believes that from now on things will only get better, “as we enter the period that runs from October to December, the so-called super quarter where companies hire more people”, he warns.

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