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Result of Mega-Sena 2655 this Saturday (11/11)

The Caixa Económica Federal will draw this Saturday night (11/11), the 2655 match of the mega-army. The draw is held at the Espação da Sorte in São Paulo, and broadcast on the YouTube channel.

View Results of Mega-Army 2655

10 – 23 – 30 – 31 – 49 – 56

What are the days of the Mega-Sena draw?

Mega-Sena draws are held 3 times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Due to the Mega da Virada competition, which must end with 0 or 5, Mega-Semenas were created, which are exclusive to the Mega-Sena. These draws take place at pre-determined periods throughout the year. On this occasion, 3 weekly competitions are organized on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

How to play in Megasena?

Mega-Army has a very easy format to play. The standard bet involves betting 6 out of 60 numbers available. It is also possible to play with higher numbers, increasing your chances of winning. It is necessary to match a square (4 numbers), a corner (5 numbers) or a scene (6 numbers) to win cash prizes, with the biggest prize awarded to those who guess the scene correctly.

What are the times of the Mega-Sena draw?

The draw will take place at approximately 8pm (Brasilia time). They are open to the public and are held each day in Caminhos da Sorte in a Brazilian city. Some draws are also held in TV studios or in the Caixa Auditorium in Brasília.

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