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Semig joins Decenarola; Loans up to R$20,000 can be renegotiated

Miners in debt due to delayed electricity bills will now be able to repay their loans through the Desenarola Brazil program. Chemig joined the federal government’s initiative, which allows people with negative names to regularize their status. According to the company, about 480 thousand customers can benefit.

This third phase of Decenrola aims to renegotiate bank and non-bank loans such as electricity and water bills. People with incomes up to two minimum wages or registered with Cadunico and with debts of up to R$20,000 can participate.

Customers with negative semis between 1/1/2019 and 12/31/2022 are eligible to renegotiate the program. The deadline for renegotiation at this level is 12/31. According to Semig, there will be discounts not usually given and the possibility of paying in several installments.

To renegotiate, you must use Desenarola Brazil Forum And check if you are eligible for the program. If you are and your debt is between R$5,000 and R$20,000, you will be able to pay only in cash, but with a discount.

Loans up to R$5,000 can be paid with significant discounts or, in some cases, in up to 60 installments, pre-determined by the program system.

The interaction will be conducted entirely through the Desenarola online platform. You must have an account with a silver or gold certification level in the federal government’s digital environment. If the interested party does not have an account, registration, which is free, can be done here www.gov.br or in person at INSS agencies.

Full details can be found here www.gov.br/desenrola,

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