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Sibra chairman says Agro focuses more on cattle than people

Colombian Santiago Franco, president of Sibra Fertilizers for more than a decade, said that agricultural business Focuses more on working with livestock than people. This statement was made in his book “Leadership and People Management in Agribusiness”.

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According to Franco, technology will lead to a revolution in rural areas And that, without people management, there is no way to succeed. As head of the company, the President led Sibra’s sales from R$70 million to R$8 billion.

In an interview with Folha de São Paulo, he explained the words of his book and justified his views on the importance of thinking about people.

“I don’t know if the cattle are treated better, but Managers focus on efficiency, on productivity, on livestock, in cost. Although there are very large companies today, most of them are family-owned and management is passed from father to son. When hiring professionals, the concern is always on the technical side. This is an area in which command and control is key. He who sends, sends. Listen to the people who have sense”, Franco joked.

SIBRA Chairman also highlighted its importance empowering employees Through the advancement of technology. According to him, because of the need for specific training in handling farm business machinery, “it is no longer possible to run the business normally”.

Finally, Franco also talked about the turnover of people in agricultural companies. Although employee turnover at Sibra is much lower than normal for the market, he believes a manager must have a strategy that connects individuals to processes.

“Managers still pay a lot of attention to operations. In my case, I dedicate at least 50% of my time to people and the other half to processes. It is essential to connect strategy to people and let people drive operations”, They said. concluded.

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