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Supermercados BH has 1,500 vacancies in the capital and metropolitan area

Anyone looking for a job should take note of the opportunity: Supermercados BH has a thousand vacancies in Belo Horizonte and another 500 vacancies in the interior of the state. Available positions include cashiers, stockers, butcher shop assistants, store assistants, store inspectors, cold cuts and bakery attendants, as well as general services.

Salary varies by city, but the company offers food stamps and rewards.

No prior experience is required to sign up. There is no need for any education. The age of the candidate should be above 17 years only.

Interested parties must apply using the application form supermarketbh.com.br/trabalhe-conosco Or visit in person the company’s Human Resources Headquarters, located at 2903 Rua Timbirás in Bairro Preto, BH. The place is open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 12 noon.

Supermarket sector in MG should generate more than 7 thousand vacancies at the end of the year

A flurry of year-end parties Supermarkets to create 7,400 temporary vacancies From Minus. This estimate comes from the Minas Gerais Supermarket Association (Amis).

According to the association, the new immediate hiring opportunities across the state are in addition to the 7,350 new jobs already predicted throughout the year with the new stores. Positions offered include customer service, packers, stockers, cashiers and butcher and bakery sectors.

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