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Survey shows degree of employee satisfaction

A survey conducted by Ecosistema Great People and GPTW showed that 60% of workers say they love what they do. The objective of the study was to understand what workers’ expectations are regarding the ideal job, considering aspects related to leadership characteristics, organizational climate, benefits and social environment and governance. However, despite enjoying it, interviewees identified that work has a negative impact on some areas of life, especially in relation to physical and mental health.

For work psychologist Fernanda Farias Meira, what makes workers like or dislike their work affects the issue of social identity. “Work plays an important role in our lives in terms of identity. Because the first question you ask a person is what they do in life. So, apart from finances, there is also a question of imagination, imagination, attitude, expectations of life”, he explains.

With regard to dissatisfaction, Mira believes that when people enter the work environment, they become frustrated with reality in various ways. “For example, with low wages, it is very difficult. The issue of interpersonal relationships is found in the workplace, if the team is motivated, the boss values ​​it, this makes the workers enjoy what they do, on the contrary it discourages them. And exaggerated and exaggerated allegations interfere with the mental health of the worker”, he explains.

The survey interviewed 1,300 professionals across five regions of the country, of whom 64% considered salary an important factor. However, the relevant aspects when looking for a new job were personal values ​​and objectives associated with the company for 72% and flexibility for 67% of respondents.

Andrea Pereira, chef at Montes Claros for ten years, even though she does what she loves, she admits that the profession interferes with her life. “To demand my full potential and my presence, in addition to the fact that the schedules do not match the family schedule. So I had to give up a lot of things for the love of the profession”, he explains.

Andrea believes that lack of communication can be a problem in the workplace. “Becoming a leader is not easy, but you must keep in mind empathy, humility, and everyone has their own problems, so understanding is the best way to lead. The emotional state of the workers is very important, this is the only way to achieve good results”, he further said.

AM, who works in a school in the city, says he wouldn’t work if he had his way. “Actually, I would prefer to be with my family and not have such a tiring routine. Therefore, work becomes very stressful for me. However, I admit that even during work there are moments that are very enjoyable”, he says.

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