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Suzuki reports 25 percent growth in New Carry sales in October 2023

Jakarta (Antara) – Suzuki Indonesia reported a 25 percent increase in sales figures of the New Carry in October 2023 compared to the previous month, with the main contributors to the biggest sales coming from the three regions Sumatra, Central Java and East Java . By Kalimantan, Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

The Sumatra region, which is largely driven by the economic cycle in the plantation sector such as palm oil, rubber and coal sectors, contributed 19 percent of New Carry’s sales in October.

In second place is the Central Java region with 9 percent, the majority of which is driven by strong agriculture and processing industry sectors, followed by the East Java region with 8 percent, which is largely driven by trade and entrepreneurs. Service area. Nationally, retail sales of the new Carry Pickup managed to reach 3,779 units in October 2023.

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“As a light commercial vehicle, Suzuki is grateful that the new Carry is performing excellently in car sales Raise in country. “We are pleased that the economic cycle of Suzuki New Carry users is growing in line with the confidence of our loyal customers in the strength and functionality of Suzuki New Carry,” said Assistant Head of Department 4W Sales PT SIS Randy. In a written statement in Jakarta, R. Murdoch, Friday (10/11).

New Carry is known to be a special attraction among entrepreneurs because of its ruggedness, economical power, flexibility in large load space and comprehensive after-sales service to facilitate daily business operations.

The New Carry consumer segment is dominated by the small and medium business sector, with the number of fleet units owned per consumer limited according to business needs. In the face of such challenging conditions, the character and needs of these groups will be closely focused on product benefits that can accelerate their business, such as large carrying capacity but supported by strong engine performance, so that travel Business mobilization should not be interrupted during this period.

In addition, durability as a transportation vehicle is also a serious concern because the period of use of the car is relatively long and the transportation load is not light.

Suzuki Indonesia provides standby after-sales service and makes unit ownership easy. (Antara/HO/SIS)

Not only are there features and promos that can be availed of by potential consumers, Suzuki also offers after-sales service that is ready and makes unit ownership easy.

Currently, there are 172 official 3S repair outlets, 19 2S outlets and 41 service outlets spread throughout Indonesia. Consumers who are away from the city can avail this service. Home and moving services Suzuki covers areas covering a distance of 30 km or more. Consumers can also order service through Call center Toll-free which is active 24 hours, named Hello Suzuki (1100 800).

“This growth in sales of the New Carry proves our commitment to continue striving to become the top pick-up car that the country’s entrepreneurs rely on. Don’t forget, we are also grateful for the loyalty of Suzuki customers who They continue to rely on Suzuki products to “grow their business and meet their daily needs,” Randy concluded.

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