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The Government of Bahia guarantees Expo Bahia, Expo Rural and Fenagro in 2024

Agricultural representatives met with the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation, Fisheries and Aquaculture of Bahia. wallison youAnd with the technical staff of CEGRI, to align the plan to organize the three main agricultural events in Salvador in 2024: Expobahia, Exporural and phenagro,

On this occasion, it was also agreed that CEGRI will support the 16th Brazilian Walking Championship (CBMP) and the 3rd Expomarcha, which will take place in the Exposition Park between 20 and 25 November.

Actions already decided include mobilization with state and federal representatives to allocate resources from parliamentary amendments specifically to the promotion of fairs and exhibitions, as well as to the renovation and maintenance of the Salvador Exposition Park. Similarly, an inter-institutional commission will be set up to seek financial assistance from the private sector.”

Traditionally, Expo Bahia takes place in April, Expo Rural takes place in August, marking the end of the month dedicated to parents, and Fenagro finalizes the calendar of agricultural events of the state.

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