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The increase in the price of cocoa has an impact on the Bahian and international markets; Understand

increase in value of cocoa Affects the Bahian and international markets. The price of edible Aroba is at a record high in the national and international markets.

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“Since October 31, in southern Bahia, especially in Ilhéus and Itabuna, it has stopped at R$300.00 for every 15 kilos Goods. This peak represents the highest price recorded for the product during the year. In January, says the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation, Fisheries and Aquaculture of Bahia (Sigri), arroba was quoted at R$200.00.

According to the website Investing.com, the daily survey of cocoa price conducted by Seagri also shows that “in futures markets such as London, a ton of cocoa reached 3,416 pounds sterling this Wednesday (8/11).” This is the highest price since futures trading of this commodity began in 1920.

This increase in cocoa value in 2023 is due to the growing appetite of the chocolate industry globally, according to Thiago Guedes, agronomist and director of CEGRI, who predicts hot markets looking for almond derivatives.

He further clarified that this price drop can also be attributed to the decline in crop production in West Africa. This scenario highlights the importance of Bahian cocoa production.

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