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The service for submission of personal income data by the tax agent has started working in test mode

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In the Ministry of Taxes and Duties told On the possibility of registering and submitting information on income of individuals for 2023 by the tax agent in trial mode.

The department clarified that in the personal account of the payer Functionality is available for entering and submitting information on income of individuals for 2023 by the tax agent, This functionality allows you to manually enter information about the income of individuals or download information generated in accounting programs and send it to the portal of the Tax Ministry.

The ministry took note of this Information entered and submitted before December 31, 2023, is accepted in test mode to check the functionality and will be deleted on January 1, 2024.,

Functionality of entering and submitting information by the tax agent on the income of individuals for 2023. Available only when using digital signature,

After registering in your personal account using an electronic digital signature, the tax agent must select the item “Tax agent account”.

The Ministry of Taxation and Taxation also noted that the “Tax Agent’s Office” applies a role-based model for managing user access. The first registered user on behalf of the tax agent is automatically assigned the role of “Administrator” for subsequent activation and administration of other users.

Additional information on the procedure for the tax agent to submit information on income of individuals for 2023 is available in the section on taxes and on the official website of the Ministry of Taxes. “Update/submission by tax agents of information on income of individuals for 2023.”

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