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The Tax Ministry reminded how they consider appeals from citizens and legal entities

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The tax authorities consider appeals from citizens and legal entities in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated July 18, 2011 No. 300-Z “On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities”. reminded In the department.

The list of government bodies and other organizations responsible for considering appeals on merit in certain areas of the population’s life was approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated October 15, 2007 No. 498 “On working with “Appeal to citizens and legal entities” (hereinafter referred to as Decree No. 498) on additional measures for.

appeal Citizens (including those registered as individual entrepreneurs) and legal entities is being consideredAccording to Decree No. 498 Initially during the inspections of the Ministry of Taxes and Taxes where questions aroseDetermined in appeals.

Yes, appeals are considered Taxes by districts in districts, cities, towns and under the supervision of the Ministry of Taxes,

– on issues of clarification of tax legislation;

– calculation and payment of mandatory payments to the budget, including state target budget funds, in cases where, in accordance with legislative acts, tax authorities enjoy rights in relation to such payments and perform duties established by tax legislation;

– Declaration of income and assets by individuals;

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Taxes in the regions and MinskRequests are considered on the following issues:

– business activities (related to taxation);

– the procedure for accepting means of payment for the sale of goods, performance of work, provision of services;

– use of cash registers and other equipment when accepting means of payment;

– gambling business;

-Production and circulation of alcohol, non-edible alcohol-containing products, non-edible ethyl alcohol and tobacco products;

– Trading in tobacco raw materials;

– Marking of goods with unified control marks or means of identification.

Procedure to send appeal

Citizens, including individual entrepreneurs and legal entities of the Republic of Belarus, send appeals in written or electronic form.

written appeal Can be sent by express (courier), by mail, or during a personal reception.

electronic appeal Recording and processing of appeals from citizens and legal entities is sent only through the state unified (unified) republican information system –

in which Circulation System.bell is not intended to file a complaint against the actions (inaction) of tax authorities or the decision of the tax authority,

such complaints are made In electronic form (for business entities with electronic signature, for individuals without electronic signature) Through the payer’s personal account or in writing on paper.

Electronic requests received on the email address of the tax authority will not be considered.

Information on the procedure for considering applications by the tax authorities can be found on the website of the Ministry of Taxes and Fees in the section “Appeal to citizens and legal entities.”

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