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They want to allow apartments for daily rental only with the consent of the neighbors

The bill provides that for renting out an apartment on a daily basis, the owner will have to obtain the consent of at least 75% of the residents of the apartment building. Is this possibility realistic?

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

Daily rental of apartments may be permitted only with the consent of a majority of the neighbors in the house. The State Duma is preparing the corresponding bill for the second reading, he writes. “news”, The document states that to rent out an apartment on a daily basis, the owner must obtain the consent of at least 75% of the residents of the apartment building. According to representatives, this will allow the legitimate interests of the neighbors to be respected.

This is not the only requirement. For example, owners have to record details of tenants in case there is damage to the common property of the house. And if homeowners do not comply with the daily rent requirements, they will face administrative liability, what exactly is still unknown.

Speaks Real estate expert, realtor Oleg Bendrikov:

– This law is being adopted to “whitewash” the shadow sector of daily rental housing. People who rent an apartment for a short period receive their income, and taxes are not paid on it. Secondly, everyone has long been of the opinion that in residential buildings if an apartment is rented out for a short period of time, there are good tenants for two days, but on the third day there are some kind of riotous parties. There are, and it is inconvenient for the neighbors who are nearby. But getting consent is unrealistic. In my opinion, this should be either 50% of the residents of the house, or residents of the upper, lower floors and landing. Because, for example, if an apartment is rented on the 1st floor, people living on the 17th floor will not hear any noise; At most they can meet people entering the entrance. In this formulation, it calls into question the very existence of short-term rentals. If there is a harsh penalty, people will not do it; Everyone will switch from short-term rentals to long-term rentals. And second: it will be difficult to control all this.

— If this story happens, will rental prices increase?

“I guess no, she won’t grow much.” A person who is engaged in short-term rental, if he rents it out to an individual, has to pay 4% as a self-employed person. From 100 thousand rubles it is 4 thousand rubles, from 200 thousand it is 8 thousand rubles monthly, it is not money to increase costs. However today it is difficult to predict whether it will increase or not. In general our rents are going up now, both long term and short term; Most likely, it will also increase, as mortgage rates have increased and demand for purchases is decreasing slightly. Accordingly, the fare is already increasing, we can see it already.

Many tourists rent an apartment per day, especially if they are traveling with a large family or group. The cost of accommodation is 30% or 50% cheaper than hotels. Plus, there are all the necessary amenities, furniture, household appliances, dishes and kitchen. Realtor and rental market expert Alexander Kharybin says the proposed measure will send landlords into shock:

Alexander Kharibin Realtor, rental market specialist

The Ministry of Construction refused to comment to Izvestia on the possible consequences of the adoption of the law on daily rental.

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