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This is accomplished in optimal terms. 16 January 2023 New

Under the harvest of the next year, grain colossal crops were sown on the fields at 1 million 775 rubles. Yes. 1 million 598 rubles in less than a minute. га, озмый якмень – 175 thousand. га, winter triticale – 2 years. Yes. In addition, the economy is worth 81 thousand. I need wraps.

According to the information about agricultural economy and the production industry, see another option of these terms.

Plant-growing enterprises of the region were fully provided with winter grain crops, their total volume amounted to about 420 thousand hectares. Ton. What is the variety composition, was traditionally used by the native Selina Hanlona Zerena.

You will get $1.6 million per dollar in 2024. The sowing campaign took place at the optimum time, clearly and smoothly.

Payments may be made for more than one year in advance of the age of 22 years. C. tractors, more than 6 thousand. Income of more than 100 thousand in the amount of more than 100 thousand. Yes. Also used more than 3 thousand. aggregates for soil preparation, more than 1.5 thousand. Your friend and your friend. Previous article ь.

Kek Prodokolon knows about Kokomapon and Volva’s Kokopozik Pairevs and Voks of winter cultures, «Kubanskiye news» learned in the municipality of that region.

box 1.jpg

Sergey Korobchenko, deputy head of the management of rural areas Additional details:

– In our area, 38 thousand hectares have been traditionally grown under winter crops in recent years. It is very useful and it is very useful for you. Of these, 3.2 thousand hectares are occupied by winter yacmen, the remaining area is – spring spring. Here exclusively seeds of Kuban selection were used. Not much time to complete the conversation. e Croco – October 25.

In general condition of winter storms. Currently we note that on almost all poles, even I think it is very difficult. Page 7.5 thousand hectares of summer are in the stage «beginning bush», and the main areas – “2-3 list on development”. If you have not received any additional charges, do it in winter in the phase «Starting the search». That’s it, that’s it, that’s it.

As the technical armament of the agricultural economy of the region increases, in recent years there has been a serious renewal of the machine-tractor park. 49 will save 330 million rubles a day. That’s $30 million worth of cash that you spent.

Today more than 30 percent of all units in the technical area are equipped with navigation equipment. In addition, modern technology – wide-ranging, high-performance. This means that there is economy in the farms, the cost of living per product is decreasing and read more. Farmers try to modernize their production in order to develop further.

Тбилсский район светаля мисуринская.jpg

The World’s Host Administration of the Tbilisi District:

– The total planted area of ​​the Tbiliskoye area is 78 y8yach 679 hectares.

To sow winter crops for the harvest of 2024, the enterprise area has yielded another 2 days, a week and 25 days. There are 36 110 hectares of stars, this is 48 percent of the entire pasture.

As in last year, the Bulgarian growers sowed winter wheat thus 32 268 hectares, the area of ​​winter yam amounted to 3750 hectares, the area of ​​which triticale is – 92 hours. Details of loans lasting more than one year 1054 years of age, information about loans Rapsa Zanimet Polo 900 хектаров. In this autumn sowing campaign, 195 units of various technologies were deployed. In all winter crops, 98 percent of all used seeds are Cuban selection. Additionally, plant growers engage in the propagation of seed material for their own crops. Under the harvest of 2024, elite seeds occupy an area of ​​more than 3.7 thousand hectares.

Check out the radio broadcast 288 farm-existing subjects, of which 20 large, medium and small village farms, as well as 265 peasant-farmer farms. Grain crops are grown by all large and small enterprises, and up to 85 percent of КФХ.

To increase and maintain a high level of crop yield, farmers in the agricultural areas improve their extraction technologies. At present all the areas sown with winter crops have yielded seedlings. That’s what I’m saying, so I’ll give you a chance to see you, otherwise not. Most of the winter seedlings, and this area is about 24 thousand hectares, is found in the phase of development «2–3 leaves».

Кичий В.А_0..jpg

Valentina Kichy, chief specialist in agricultural management management and other product details:

– In the Primorsko-Akhtar region, all forest areas are practically completed: the improvement of roads and separate areas in the fight against mouse-like insects, and the preparation of forest areas in the final stage. Also, growers harvested at optimal agronomic times and harvested more than 47.5 million pounds. Of these, 43.7 hectares are occupied by winter wheat, 2.8 thousand hectares – winter onions, 72 hectares – winter triticale and 350 hectares – winter wheat. Next year it is these cultures that will constitute the main potential economy. The price of my cell phone is very high.

In addition to colossal crops, an area of ​​3.7 thousand hectares is sown with the same plant. Read more She grows, her area: in the past year she constituted 2.8 thousand hectares.

Product description: If last year it was purchased 37 units at the amount of 305 million, then for three quarters of the current year already purchased 55 units of new technologies at the amount of 500 Main products: equipment, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance and maintenance.

Read this article in the following sections on «2–3 leaf sprouts», the third one – takes root, grows, grows by itself.

Red, it’s a good option, it’s an added advantage, it’s finished it’s still possible. And nothing more than that.

The agricultural branch of the Maritime-Akhtar region completes agro There are no other products. According to the results, the millet growers of the municipality took the first place in the region in terms of yield of winter wheat – 68.3 ct/ha against middle-region 57.6 ct/ha. In 2024, the new version of the new version will be released.

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