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Understand why retailers are calling for the return of Daylight Saving Time

People feel safer and more comfortable being on the streets, walking into stores, and shopping after work hours when they can enjoy natural light for longer periods of time. This is one of several arguments that the São Paulo Commercial Association (ACSP) will take to the government to express its support for the return of daylight saving time in 2024. The request will be sent to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the Office of the Presidency of the Republic.

ACSP believes that it will be necessary to resume the practice of turning the clocks forward one hour to boost the national economy and bring many benefits to both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Practiced in Brazil since 1931, summer time, in addition to being a consolidated practice throughout the world, is a valuable tool for the country’s economy, according to the unit. It was officially suspended in April 2019 by Decree 9,772 of then-President Jair Bolsonaro. On the basis that the desired benefits were no longer being achieved.

With the change of government, it was expected that the practice of moving the clocks forward by one hour would start again. The First Lady, Rosangela da Silva, known as Janja, expressed support for the measure. But, recently, Mines and Energy Minister Alexandre Silveira ruled out the possibility of returning in summer time this year because, according to energy technicians, water reservoirs at hydropower plants have their highest storage levels in recent years. However, he did not completely rule out a return to Daylight Saving Time the following year.

ACSP, according to its president, Roberto Matthias Ordín, understands that summer time still contributes to reducing electricity consumption, reducing demand during peak hours, resulting in less pressure on the electrical system, generation Costs and energy delivery are lower, with prices likely to be lower. For consumers.

“With the possibility to take advantage of extended daylight, tourism also benefits,” Ordin says. “There could be increased demand in the hotel and entertainment sector, creating more jobs and boosting the regional economy “

The Executive reiterated that with more hours of natural lighting, streets become safer for citizens, the incidence of accidents and crimes decreases, contributing to the population’s sense of security and well-being, which helps businesses thrive at night. Encourages.

ACSP also says historical data proves that summer time has already been beneficial to Brazil’s economy, boosting commerce and retail. For the entity, its recapitalization would represent an important boost to economic recovery following the challenges faced in recent years, especially the effects of the pandemic. (state institution)

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