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Vivo’s internship program has 500 vacancies and 50% are for black people only

internship program alive There are approximately 500 vacancies open in 11 cities across the country: São Paulo (SP), Belém (PA), Belo Horizonte (MG), Uberlândia (MG), Brasília (DF), Curitiba (PR), Porto Alegre (RS), Recife (PE), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Joinville (SC) and São José (SC). The company is dedicating 50% of opportunities exclusively to black talent. hey The selection process will be online on this website, Registration is open till November 30, 2023.


Those interested in competing for one of the vacancies must be university students studying in their final or final year of a higher education or technology course. Vivo is looking for candidates with a curious profile who are open to new things and interested in growing as a professional in addition to enjoying technology. English and experience will not be required. There is no age limit, nor course or university restrictions.

“We want to develop these new talents so that they have a good professional trajectory with many opportunities”, highlights Niva Ribeiro, Vice President of People at Vivo. Therefore, the company created a training trail specifically for this audience, composed of topics based on the company’s collaborative digital culture guidelines: openness, digital attitude, curiosity and making things happen responsibly. Furthermore, it will include relevant topics such as development of soft skills; Methodology and tools; Culture and Diversity; Business; History and culture of Vivo.

The Vivo 2024 Internship Program runs from 12 to 24 months depending on the student’s year of training, and those selected will be admitted in February 2024. Benefits include salary; food and transportation vouchers; Health and dental plans, life insurance and gym benefits.

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